Custom dining area in an ocean fish themed restaurant.

Restaurant Construction in Florida & Georgia

Keep your restaurant construction project simple when we manage all aspects of the build for you.

We build all types of restaurants from quick service to casual to fine dining.

VIP dining area and neon lighting at the Ocean Blue in Fairview.

Building a restaurant takes a lot of consideration, time, and resources. At Creative Convenience, we have built more than 100 restaurants so we know exactly just how much work goes into the process.

Hire us to manage all aspects of the restaurant build so you can keep the process as simple as possible for you. With experience in constructing casual, quick service, fine dining and other types of restaurants, we are able to handle all types of projects.

Our Restaurant Construction Management Services

We take your project from the beginning to the end, providing a turnkey service for you. Each restaurant is designed by a professional architect and constructed by the best subcontractors we can find through our extensive bidding process.

After the design, we work through the construction process, ensuring that all electrical and plumbing aspects are installed properly and up to code. We then work with designers to install front of house elements such as booths, tables, and chairs as well as others to install back of house equipment like walk-in coolers, freezers, and exhaust systems. We handle everything from the placement of the TVs to the layout of the kitchen.

We ensure every aspect is up to health and safety codes as well as ADA compliance and everyone we work with is licensed and insured.

The Creative Convenience difference, we're much more than a general contractor.

Exterior photo of outdoor seating construction at the Ocean Blue restaurant in Fairview.

Since we have built more than 100 restaurants at Creative Convenience, we have extensive knowledge and expertise that we will apply to your restaurant construction project. With that knowledge and expertise, we know exactly how to streamline your construction build so it goes off smoothly and without a hitch.

We will communicate with you constantly throughout the process, which is one of the perks of hiring our construction management company. Without us, you have to spend time chasing down each key person of the project to get updates. Our updates are routine and we meet with you throughout the process to ensure you are happy with everything.

Along with that, our process is designed to save you the most time and money possible. We send bids to several contractors to obtain the most efficient people for the job and coordinate the entire thing for you. The difference in hiring our company is that we are able to save our customers an average of 10-18 percent on each construction project we do and we build our projects faster, getting you into the restaurant and making money sooner than you otherwise would.

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Ready to begin your next restaurant construction build? Don't start it without us.

The team at Creative Convenience is ready to help you complete your next restaurant construction build. With decades of experience, we have the knowledge needed to create a beautiful new facility for you. Contact us at (813) 966-5595 for an estimate because you don't want to start your next project without us!