Exterior photo of a recently constructed convenience store.

Construction Management in Florida & Georgia

Construction management takes the stress of a project off of you and allows us to create a streamlined process.

Our process saves clients from costly mistakes and 10%-18% on the cost of their new restaurants, car washes, convenience stores, and other projects.

Photo of the exterior design of the Ocean Blue restaurant in Fairview.

When you decide to partner with us, we're able to deliver true savings of both money and time. As an experienced construction management company, we manage the project from conception to completion. We know the ins and outs of each project and how each step should be done efficiently.

Our process helps our clients save 10-18 percent when they choose to build commercial projects like car washes, restaurants, and convenience stores. We've designed and constructed hundreds of projects across the United States so our expertise helps us plan out your project.

The differences between choosing a construction manager and a general contractor.

Construction managers and general contractors perform very different roles. A general contractor’s sole focus is construction of the building and site in compliance with the plans provided by the client. That means the client is still in charge of hiring the architect, managing the engineers, coordinating equipment specs, obtaining permits and much more. By hiring a construction manager, you package all of these components into one responsible company, providing you with a Turn-Key project.

When you hire a construction manager such as Creative Convenience, our partnership carries beyond the concept and design phase through the construction phase where we deliver true savings, both in terms of hard dollars and time. Our company handles each phase of the project.

For each project, we oversee everything including finding qualified architects, engineers, and subcontractors. Through an exhaustive qualifying process, we'll present you with several complete bids in each trade category. By doing this qualifying process on the front end, we're able to minimize issues and unexpected costs on the back end—that's how we are able to save you 10-18%. Other benefits of working with our company include:

  • We provide a cost-plus method of project management, meaning we offer transparent disclosure of all costs and fees of your project.
  • Our construction management method allows for precision in the schedule which means your project will be completed in the shortest time possible.
  • Our specializations allow us to remain committed to high-quality, cost-effective solutions for restaurants, car washes, and convenience stores.
  • All savings are passed directly to you.

Through our methods, we are able to gain a better and deeper understanding of your project and goals that is impossible to obtain with traditional construction methods.

If you're considering a new commercial construction project. Creative Convenience is the obvious choice to manage it.

A line of newly constructed car wash vacuums.

With hundreds of commercial construction projects under our belts, we have the expertise that is needed to properly manage your project. We've perfected our process over the years into streamlined, seamless, construction management. If you're considering building a new convenience store, car wash, restaurant, or another small commercial office, we're ready to help. Call the obvious choice for your next project at (813) 966-5595 so we can discuss your goals.