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We Build Relationships, not just structures!
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Why choose Creative Convenience Corporation?

Creative Convenience Corporation is a licensed contractor in multiple states throughout the USA specializing in the restaurant, c-store, and carwash industries. Creative Convenience Corporation operates as a construction manager-not a general contractor. Unlike a traditional general contractor who will focus on the physical construction, we partner with our owners in every phase of the project, from conception to completion. By developing this partnership we gain a complete understanding of your needs as an owner, and through our experience in the restaurant industry, we help avoid the issues and roadblocks that often delay and add costs to a project.

How is hiring Creative Convenience Corporation different from hiring a General Contractor?

Our partnership carries beyond the concept and design phase through the construction phase where we deliver true savings, both in terms of hard dollars and time. On your project, we will contact literally hundreds of subcontractors, and through an exhaustive qualifying process, present you with a minimum of three to five qualified bids in each subcontracted category. Our qualifying process on the front side further serves to minimize change orders and costly overruns on the back end. In actual terms, this results in a 10-18% savings in each division. By working this closely with our owners, we gain an understanding of the project that is impossible to obtain with traditional construction methods.

What may you expect from Creative Convenience Corporation?

Creative Convenience Corporation uses a cost plus method of project management which provides transparent disclosure of all costs and fees. Using this method for your project, you will realize a savings ranging from $25,000.00 to $55,000.00 over conventional general contracting methods. You will see where every dollar is spent on your project, including all supporting detail in an organized format. Our model allows for precision in the construction schedule, completing the project in the shortest time possible. A typical restaurant project is put on a 30 to 60 day construction schedule. We all know that an earlier opening day means an earlier revenue stream for you.